The Story Behind Tying the Knot

Tying the Knot was originally formed by Courtney Simpkins in 2011. She had a vision that brides should have websites that matched their style and was always frustrated with the lack of website options and clunky corporate “wedsites.” Courtney always dreamed that her brides would be able to freely add content to their websites. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the knowledge then to make that dream a reality.

In the spring of 2012, she met Josh Manley and they began a partnership to form a web development company called Syntactic Studio that would own and manage Tying the Knot. It was then that Courtney’s impossible dream had turned into an incredible reality.

Working together as one unstoppable team, Courtney and Josh firmly believe that wedding websites should be just as innovative and beautiful as any other cutting edge website on the web today. They strive to create a personal and lasting relationship with every one of their clients. Above all, they want their users to have a fun and easy experience when they design a website for the most important day of their lives!

The new Tying the Knot officially launched in July 2012.

all about our amazing team members

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 Courtney Simpkins - Graphic Designer

Courtney is our Graphic Designer at Tying the Knot. If you see something that you think is pretty, chances are she had something to do with making that happen! She is the one that comes up with all of our great website themes and marketing materials that you may have seen around.

When she’s not focused on Tying the Knot, she is working hard on receiving her Masters from Savannah College of Art & Design. Courtney also runs her own wedding stationery business over at Creative Start Design. Yeah, she basically lives and breathes weddings.

Have questions about weddings? Want some ideas on great stationery? Send Courtney an email.

 Josh Manley - Web Developer

Josh is our Web Developer at Tying the Knot. He’s the man behind the mean, he’s the man behind the scenes! If you’re wondering who made this awesome site function, then you've found your guy. When he’s not diligently working to make sure our websites are running smoothly and aren't breaking, he’s probably telling Courtney her latest idea is insane. Then, he’s off to figure out how to make it work.

When Josh isn't working on Tying the Knot he’s probably helping other people with their websites. He’s just that awesome.

Have questions about our website? Want to talk about things non-wedding related? Send Josh and his beard an email.

 Laura LoForese - Blog Writer & Copy Editor

Laura is our Blog Write & Copy Editor at Tying the Knot. She’s a word ninja (and a real one, too!) If you haven’t already been there, you should really check out the great wedding blog she manages for us. She also makes sure that all of the copy writing on our sites are up to par. Oh, and she’s also the awesome illustrator that drew all of our amazing profile pictures!

When Laura’s not researching the latest wedding trends or making sure Courtney and Josh’s vision comes across clearly in writing, she’s probably at her dojang learning some sweet taekwondo moves or writing her next book.

Have questions about our blog? Find a typo somewhere (Oh no!)? Need tips from a ninja? Send Laura an email.


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