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November 12, 2012

Having a bad day? Feeling the stress building up? Need a chance to smile?

After revisiting one of my favorite long-running blogs “1000 Awesome Things” (it was launched back in 2008! So if you don’t know about it, go get your read on. If you do, I apologize for making you reread all 1000) and remembered that #992 was “Being the first table to get called up for the dinner buffet at a wedding!” 

Beautiful Wedding Table

"When you’re on The Outside there is no greater wedding high than being the first table to get called up to the dinner buffet. Suddenly you’re on The Inside, honorary winner of the prestigious Gets To Eat Before Everyone Else award, dipping your ladle into Alfredo sauce before it films over, toothpicking meatballs before they congeal into sugary meat pyramids, surgically removing the perfect first triangle of cheesecake before the serving dish gets all gummed up with clumpy graham cracker paste and marischino cherry glue."

Catch it here and fondly remember that memory of the time you were called up first!

I highly recommend “1000 Awesome Things” for anyone who wishes to reminisce on the little things and appreciate the moment. It’s the most heartwarming blog I’ve ever come upon in the vast world of the internet. Go on, read it and get your smile on!

posted by Laura at 1:16PM
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