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Tying the Knot is full of awesome features that come in a variety of different packages for our brides. From beautiful custom websites to a bride (or groom) controlled content management system...we have you covered! Check out all the other great features below. We’re sure you will love adding a photo gallery to your wedding website, our RSVP forms, and turn by turn directions for your guests!

Great Themes with Beautiful Color Choices

Sidewalk Chalk Template
Vintage Banner Template
So Bubbly Template
Deep Ink Template

Our main goal is to provide brides with beautiful, modern templates that fit a broad range of themes and tastes. 

If a couple is looking for something even more unique than what we show on our template viewer we are happy to design custom websites to fit their needs.

Please contact us today for more information on our themes and custom websites.

Complete Control Over the Content of your Wedding Website

Website Content Management

We want our brides and grooms to easily edit their site content quickly and without any hassle.

So many wedding wedsite providers bulk up their content management systems with way too many features, buttons and complicated menus that have you running around trying to figure out how to add your stories to your website.

We’ve streamlined the process to allow our brides easy and convenient ways of editing their content. Our menus are simple and finding what you need will be one of the easiest experiences you can have creating a website…and dare we say preparing for your wedding!

Share your Memories & Engagement Photos with Family and Friends

Photo Gallery
Photo Slideshow

One of the first questions you get when you’re engaged is when will we see your engagement photos

Ask your photographer for web friendly images  from that fantastic photo shoot that you took on your tandem bike and you can load them right up to a gorgeous photo gallery for all of your guests to view. No engagement photos? This is the perfect place to show all of the memories you’ve made so far as a couple!

If you're having problems uploading photos, please contact customer service for help.

Let all of your Guests Know Where all of the Action Will Happen

Travel Fun and Hotels

Sometimes, there’s so much going on during your big weekend that your guests may want help navigating everything! 

Your travel, fun and hotel pages are the perfect place to put all of that really important information that you might not have room for on your fancy invitations. These pages can include everything from your favorite weekly bar haunt to where the nearest airport is located and how to get to their hotel from there.  

Save a Tree! Let your Guests RSVP Online

RSVP for Guests

Make it easy for your guests to let you know they’re coming!

We will appreciate the value of beautifully designed wedding invitations with traditional RSVP response cards. But what if you received e-mails instead of 150 envelopes in the mail?

We think it’s a great thing to be able to copy and paste Aunt Muriel’s name into your handy excel spreadsheet instead of having to type out all of those names. We’re sure you’ll appreciate saving on that courtesy postage, too!

Make it Easy for Your Guests to Ask Questions, Make Comments, and Send Well Wishes

Send Some Love

Save your Facebook wall and let your family members ask questions, share their love and well wishes privately on your website.

We all love hearing from our family members before the big day, but sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming on our Facebook wall! If your guests have any questions, comments or want to send you well wishes (before and after the big day!) they know they can go to your website and send you their love notes.


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